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Professional Learning

Distance Learning Training and support

Several courses and classes have been developed to support teachers with Distance Learning.  Click on the Truenorthlogic button to search both live and self-paced courses available such as:

Google Applied Digital Skills, Flipgrid, See-Saw, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Online Classroom, and many more...

OCDE NEWSROOM - tips and tricks to support distance learning


CUSD Micro Credentials and Online Courses

Our new micro-credentialing catalog encourages, recognizes, and rewards teachers for the work they are doing to advance their professional learning.  Currently, most professional learning opportunities are assigned to teachers as a requirement for their current teaching assignment and there are very few “self-directed” offerings available to teachers at little to no cost.  CUSD has worked to develop an online micro-credential catalog that will offer more opportunities to personalize your professional growth and earn column advancement credit.  (MC MEMO) 



UCI Teacher Academy Summer Workshops


The Leading Equity Virtual Summit


Mission Statement

The mission of Capistrano Unified School District Professional Learning is to positively impact student achievement through a coordinated program that offers relevant and meaningful learning experiences for educators. 

For more on the standards for professional learning visit the Learning Forward website:

Guiding Principles and Practices

The purpose of Professional Learning in Capistrano Unified School District is for all staff members to develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.  The following principles and practices guide our work to provide world-class professional learning opportunities for all Capistrano Unified School District employees.

Guiding Principles

We believe Professional Learning that improves achievement for all students and the effectiveness of all employees provides…

  • Support of our District Vision, Mission, and Wildly Important Goals

  • Modeling of the Great First Instruction we expect in all classrooms

  • Adult learning that is self-directed, goal oriented, relevant, and practical

  • Research-based learning opportunities that utilize the Standards for Professional Learning

  • Tools to enhance our Professional Learning Communities

Guiding Practices

The following practices illustrate these principles in action:

  • Develop professional learning based on data and needs identified by staff aligned to personal, department, school, and district improvement goals

  • Establish and communicate clear content and language objectives that provide clear purpose for the learning and connection to improving student outcomes

  • Frequent interactions embed grouping and collaborative structures to capitalize on the personal knowledge and experience of all participants

  • Leveling up the learning by moving away from “sit and get” to “learner-centered” processing to interacting to practicing to applying to redesigning

  • Differentiation of learning that engages all learners

  • Checks for understanding to actively assess the needs of staff throughout the learning

  • Develop all professional learning with a long term plan for continuous and on-going support that allows significant time to grapple with new ideas and concepts  (Follow-up training, on-site coaching, team coaching, funding, etc.)

  • Solicit input and feedback to improve future professional learning opportunities, personalize support, and provide choice to learners.

  • Provide time for individual and/or team reflection so that all learners can develop commitments and next steps

  • Establish norms for participants active engagement in learning

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