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Grounds Staff

Kent Smith

Manager I, Grounds Operations

(949) 234-9580

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Grounds Department


Day-to-Day Grounds Services Provided:

  • Landscaping of all District Facilities:

    • maintain safety and cleanliness by sweeping and picking up and disposing of debris

    • Mow, edge, trim and prune landscaped areas

    • Mow large fields and athletic areas.

    • Weed and pest control

    • Monitor and maintain athletic turf surfaces

    • Cleaning services to parking lots

  • Water landscaped areas, install, inspect, monitor and maintain irrigation systems

  • Implement and manage integrated pest management

Special Event Support - Use of Facilities:

  • Aerate and fertilize play fields

  • Service to district stadiums

  • Cleaning services to parking lots

  • Move and arrange bleachers and furniture

  • Prepare, line, mark, and drag athletic areas

Special Projects:

  • Annual certification of backflow devices district wide

  • Aerate and fertilize play fields

  • Maintains steep slope areas

  • Maintain fall material in all elementary playgrounds

  • Prevent flooding and erosion, clean storm drains, flood channels and gutters

  • Maintain inventory of over 7,500 trees district-wide