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Education Services

Education Services leadership Team

Dr. Susan Holliday
Associate Superintendent, Education Services
(949) 234-9339
Brad Shearer
Assistant Superintendent,
Curriculum and Instruction Preschool-Grade 5
(949) 234-9426
Dr. David Stewart
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary School Leadership and Instruction
(949) 234-9222

Jennifer Smalley
Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction Grades 6-12, K-8, Alternative Education
(949) 234-9425

Pati Romo
Executive Director, Career Technical Education
(949) 234-9476

Stacy Yogi
Executive Director, State & Federal Programs
(949) 234-9244

Mike Beekman
 Executive Director, Safety, and Student Services
(949) 234-9267

Peggy Baerst
Executive Director, Elementary Education
(949) 234-9249

Dr. Debbi Keeler
Director, Early Childhood Programs
(949) 234-5341
Patrice Dempsey
Coordinator, Credit Recovery
(949) 234-9349

Anthony Russomanno
Coordinator, College, and Career Counseling
(949) 234-9518

Natalie Baptiste
Coordinator TK-12 Language Acquisitions and Instructional Support
(949) 234-9256

Heidi Crowley
Coordinator Charter Schools and Strategic Initiatives
(949) 234-9220

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Our Goals:

Teaching and Learning
Engage students in meaningful, challenging, and innovative educational experiences to increase post-secondary options for all students.

Our Mission :

The Education Services Department exists to support the delivery of quality instruction to all CUSD students.  We believe all students learn best when...

  • their classroom environments are conducive to learning and reflect a culture of community, collaboration, and high expectations for all;
  • they actively engage in a coherent curriculum that reflects rigorous content, and emphasizes critical thinking, application, and innovation;
  • there are clearly communicated goals and objectives;
  • they receive instruction that is focused, purposeful, and appropriately paced;
  • they receive differentiated support for their learning; and
  • they build responsibility for their own learning through an ongoing partnership with their teachers.