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Reopening Schools

Recently the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) provided updated guidance regarding face coverings when individuals are outdoors. This updated guidance impacts our schools in two ways:

  1. Recess/Lunch: Students will no longer be required to wear a mask for the entire time they are outdoors. As long as a student maintains six feet of physical distancing from other students he/she may remove his/her mask. Students who gather close to one another should keep their masks on. Students are still required to wear a mask while indoors in class.
  2. Arrival/Dismissal: Vaccinated adults who are dropping off or picking up students are not required to wear a mask so long as they maintain physical distancing from others. As the guidance indicates, please maintain physical distancing from those not in your household when you do so. 

We are pleased to see a continued evolution to a greater degree of normal. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to follow the guidelines provided to us by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Recientemente, el Departamento de Salud Pública de California (CDPH) ha actualizado las guías acerca de cómo cubrirse la boca y nariz cuando las personas están al aire libre. Estas recomendaciones impactan a nuestras escuelas de dos maneras:

  1. Recreo/Almuerzo: Los estudiantes no tendrán que usar mascarilla durante todo el tiempo que estén al aire libre. Los estudiantes pueden quitarse la mascarilla, siempre y cuando mantengan una distancia física de seis pies con el resto de estudiantes. Los estudiantes que se reúnen en grupos deben mantener sus mascarillas puestas, sin embargo, los estudiantes deben usar sus mascarillas cuando estén dentro del aula de clases.
  2. Entrada/Salida: Los adultos que están vacunados no están obligados a usar una mascarilla cuando dejan o recogen a sus niños de la escuela, siempre que mantengan una distancia física de las demás personas. Como se indica en las guías, por favor mantenga distancia física de las personas que no viven con usted durante este proceso.

Nos complace ver una continua evolución hacia el grado de normalidad. Gracias por su paciencia mientras continuamos trabajando para seguir las pautas que nos proporciona el Departamento de Salud Pública de California (CDPH).

Bus Health and Safety Guidelines

CUSD Elementary Meal Service

College and Career Advantage (CCA) is a joint partnership of two school districts in South Orange County, Capistrano USD and Laguna Beach USD, formed to provide high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) to 6th-12th grade students throughout the region. As CCA begins the reopening process for CTE students, we are mindful of the changing circumstances, keeping the safety of students and staff as our priority. CCA will be following the lead of our partner school districts by providing both online and hybrid models of instruction utilizing Canvas and similar software systems. Instruction will continue to provide project, work, and hands-on based learning where students will meet the required competencies outlined in the Career Training Plan for each course and the California CTE Model Curriculum Standards. CCA Teachers are experts in the industry and will utilize innovative approaches to provide job shadowing opportunities, guest speakers (meet-a-pro), virtual field trips using NEPRIS, and skills training using an online platform when necessary. As circumstances allow, students will have an opportunity to return to our high-quality labs using industry-specific equipment and supplies to strengthen job-related skills. Many of these CTE courses are honors-weighted classes and 100% of CCA courses meet UC a-g entrance requirements. Approximately 40 courses are articulated with local community colleges allowing students to earn college credit in addition to high school credit.

CCA will continue to work closely with both Capistrano USD and Laguna Beach USD throughout this process.

Staff Symptom Decision Tree
Confidential Actions
Staff Symptom Decision Tree - English Version - 3/11/21
Student Symptom Decision Tree

Student Symptom Tree
English Version

Arbol de Decision de Sintomas del Estudiante
The District has implemented an updated Student Symptom Decision Tree. Students exhibiting 2 or more symptoms who do not have a physician’s note to return earlier, or a negative PCR COVID test result, must remain home for 10-days. The student decision tree allows students with one symptom to return after 24 hours and with 2 or more symptoms to return with a health care provider note.  This decision tree is approved by Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and Children Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

CUSD COVID-19 Safety Video (Subtítulos en español)

Students wearing masks