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School-Connected Organizations

What are the guidelines for fundraising by school-connected organizations?

Fundraising activities are permissible as long as the raising of funds is voluntary. A student who is asked to but does not raise funds may not be denied participation in an educational activity.   Likewise, parents cannot be "mandated" to submit donations.  The language used must reflect a voluntary nature, and should not include mandates, conditions, or anything that could be construed as harassment.


Working with a representative task force, Capistrano Unified School District has established procedures in support of these guidelines.  Beginning September 2011, all school-connected organizations, including those with a 501(c)(3) designation, must submit an annual assurance signed by its president certifying that any and all funds raised for any District-related activity meet the District’s policies on student fees.  Principals at each school will meet annually with all school-connected organizations to provide guidance and training on student fees. 


What are the recommended practices that school-connected organizations can use to ensure adherence to the guidelines?

  • Hold an annual stakeholder meeting during which the guidelines are reviewed.
  • Attend site and/or district information and training.
  • Embed suggested language on all flyers and websites.
  • Develop and implement a process for flyer review.
  • Ask for assurances from those who are coordinating fundraising efforts.

This website has additional resources for school-connected organizations that will assist with compliance and training related to student fee guidelines.  We appreciate your support for our schools and programs!

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