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Bicycles may be ridden to school by students who follow safety rules. Bicycle locks and helmets are required. For safety reasons, we suggest that only children in Grade 3 and above ride bicycles. Bicycles must be walked on and off school grounds. The District does not carry insurance for loss of bicycles. (Personal items of students, such as bicycles, may be covered under homeowner’s insurance subject to the deductible and type of coverage.)

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Safe Route to School

Parents of children who walk or ride their bicycles to school are asked to go over a safe route to school with their children. Walkers may not take shortcuts through private property. All children are expected to display good behavior on the way to and from school.

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Skateboards, Scooters, and Related Items

The school District prohibits skateboards, scooters and related items from being used on school grounds at any time.

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Transportation Services

Capistrano Unified School District offers a limited number of bus routes. Information can be found on the Transportation website. If, after checking the website, further information is needed about bus service to individual schools and fee information, contact the Bus Pass Office at (949) 234-9920 or (949) 234-9921.


Information about Orange County Transportation Authority routes (OCTA) which serve District schools is available by calling (714) 636-7433, or at the website:

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CUSD Bus Transportation