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Extended Day Kindergarten

Extended Day Kindergarten will be offered at the following Elementary schools beginning in August of 2018:

  • Clarence Lobo
  • Del Obispo
  • Harold Ambuehl
  • Hidden Hills
  • Kinoshita
  • Marblehead
  • R.H. Dana
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Wood Canyon
  • Las Palmas
  • San Juan Elementary
  • Viejo

Capistrano Unified will be expanding Extended Day Kindergarten in 2019-20. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Day Kindergarten and the District’s plans, please review the information linked below.


Early Bird/Late Owl Kindergarten

All other Elementary Schools in the Capistrano Unified School District offer an Early Bird/Late Owl overlapping program.  The Kindergarten instructional day lasts approximately three and a half hours. The flow of a typical Kindergarten day varies among schools. Students generally start the day with a literacy block where they work in large and small groups on reading and writing skills. During this time, they also learn to tell stories together and, later in the year, they may write in a daily journal. Students often take turns working on a computer. Art and music/movement programs are built in throughout the day.


All neighborhood schools accept registration forms for kindergarten students. Parents are encouraged to attend kindergarten orientation sessions held in the spring prior to the child entering school in the fall. For more information on kindergarten registration and orientation, please contact individual schools.


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Kindergarten Plus

Kindergarten Plus

The Kindergarten Plus program is a fee-based partnership between Capistrano Unified and the YMCA to offer a full-day kindergarten program. It is designed to meet the needs of working parents, provide additional instructional time for kindergarten students and allow more time for teachers to implement the kindergarten standards.

Kindergarten Plus is a structured, academic enrichment program that reinforces concepts taught in your child’s kindergarten classroom based on state and district standards.

The Kindergarten Plus core components include:

  • Language Arts/Literacy
  • Science/Technology
  • Construction/Problem Solving
  • Mathematics/Manipulative Activities
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Character Development
  • Inclusion support for children with special needs

Kindergarten Plus programs operate on all school days from Kindergarten dismissal until 1-5 grade dismissal. Extended childcare available until 6 pm.

The Kindergarten Plus program is offered at numerous elementary schools:

Location Phone License #

Kindergarten Plus

Learn more about YMCA!

BERGESON YMCA (949) 643-0721 300607105
CANYON VISTA YMCA (949) 831-1264 304370044
DON JUAN AVILA YMCA (949) 360-5907 304270707
GEORGE WHITE YMCA (949) 495-4619 300610617
HIDDEN HILLS YMCA* (949) 249-6110 304270062
LAGUNA NIGUEL YMCA (949) 215-2030 304270940
MALCOM YMCA (949) 363-7085 304270064
MOULTON YMCA (949) 363-7507 300606175
OAK GROVE (949) 360-1427 304270291
WOOD CANYON (949) 363-7087 304270074

*Nationally accredited site

Please contact your school principal about your child’s school, or contact your local YMCA Branch.

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