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Column Advancement Credit

Guidelines for Column Advancement Credit

  • University courses may not be repeated for credit.
  • CUSD Professional Learning workshops may be repeated on a limited basis:
  • 15 hours of CUSD Professional Learning = 1 unit of column advancement credit.
  • CLAD classes may not be repeated for credit.
  • Credit for all other classes is limited to one time per workshop per year (July 1 through June 30). 
  • A combination of university coursework and CUSD professional learning may be used to fulfill column advancement requirements.

Submitting Hours for Credit

  • Getting Column Advancement Credit for CUSD Professional Learning Hours: When individuals have completed sufficient professional learning hours, they may request (in writing) that an official copy of their staff development transcript be sent from the CUSD Professional Learning Office to the Human Resource Services office. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for this request to be processed.
  • Getting Column Advancement Credit for units completed through other institutions : Individuals must submit original grade cards or transcripts directly to the Human Resource Services office (Note: The Professional Learning office only handles CUSD transcripts).

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