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CUSD Assessments

Math Common Formative Assessments (CFAs)

The CFAs are administered to math students in Grade 6 through Algebra 2.  Students are given a quick assessment of 5 to 10 questions every two or three weeks to gage student understanding of the standards being addressed at that time.  Students are not graded on these assessments, but their scores are used to help guide teacher instruction.  

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS)

DIBELS are a set of standardized, research-based measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  They are designed to be brief measures used to screen and regularly monitor the development of early literacy and reading skills.  DIBELS allows teachers to quickly identify students who may need supplemental intervention.  These measures are given to students three times a year (Beginning, Middle and End) and if necessary can be implemented more frequently to monitor a student's growth.

Social Studies and History Writing Assessment

Students taking Grade 6-8 Social Studies, World History and US History will be given a writing assignment once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  Teachers score the assignment using 4-1 rubric with 4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest score.

Secondary ELA Writing Assessment

All students in Grade 6-12 English will be given a writing assignment twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  Teachers score the essays on a 4-1 rubric scale with 4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.  The assessment is untimed and may be handwritten or typed.

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