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Business Honor Roll

Recognition Salutes Schools that are “Getting it Right”:

Nearly two-thirds of the schools in the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) have been named to the 2012 California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) Honor Roll, officials announced on Thursday.

The 36 CUSD schools receiving this distinction from the California business community have demonstrated consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time and reduction in achievement gaps among student populations, the CBEE said. For high schools, the Honor Roll recognition also includes measures of college readiness.


“We are proud to have so many of our schools recognized for their academic achievements by the California business community,” CUSD Board of Trustees President John M. Alpay said. “Recognition on this Honor Roll is a yet another testament to the successful efforts of our teachers, staff, and administrators in keeping the focus on high expectations and proper preparation of our students for continued success.”


There are 33 district schools that have been named “Scholar Schools” and three “Star Schools.” CBEE Star Schools are those with significant populations of socio-economically disadvantaged students that have shown a significant increase in grade-level proficiency over time. CBEE Scholar Schools are schools that are showing significant levels of academic achievement but do not have a significant socio-economically disadvantaged student population.


“We have schools throughout the state that are getting it right for all students and this should not be a secret,” CBEE Chairman and past member of the California State Board of Education Greg Jones said. “To ensure more of our schools succeed, we must change the conversation from being about fixing failing schools to one that focuses on replicating the success of schools like those on the Honor Roll.”


Over time, CBEE has identified a common set of success factors in higher performing Honor Roll schools and districts. These include high expectations for all students; ongoing collaboration among teachers to improve practice; targeted use of data to pinpoint challenges and monitor progress; continual intervention for struggling students; and mastery of content knowledge and pedagogical practices.

“Honor Roll schools are overcoming challenges and obstacles every day for all students and are especially succeeding with kids who have been historically underserved. Our goal is to highlight their results, and provide a voice to these outstanding educators so that their success can be emulated in other places,” CBEE president Jim Lanich said.


The Honor Roll list grew from 261 schools in 2005 to the current 2,108 for 2012. A full list of the Honor Roll schools can be found at:

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2012 Business Honor Roll
2012 CBEE Honor Roll Schools

Star Schools

  • Carl Hankey K-8
  • Marco Forster Middle
  • San Juan Hills High


Scholar Schools

  • Aliso Niguel High
  • Aliso Viejo Middle
  • Arroyo Vista Elementary
  • Arroyo Vista Middle
  • Bathgate Elementary
  • Bernice Ayer Middle
  • Canyon Vista Elementary
  • Capistrano Valley High
  • Castille Elementary
  • Chaparral Elementary
  • Dana Hills High
  • Don Juan Avila Elementary
  • Don Juan Avila Middle
  • George White Elementary
  • John Malcom Elementary
  • Ladera Ranch Elementary
  • Ladera Ranch Middle
  • Laguna Niguel Elementary
  • Las Flores Elementary
  • Las Flores Middle
  • Marian Bergeson Elementary
  • Moulton Elementary
  • Newhart Middle
  • Niguel Hills Middle
  • Oak Grove Elementary
  • Oso Grande Elementary
  • San Clemente High
  • Tesoro High
  • Tijeras Creek Elementary
  • Truman Benedict Elementary
  • Vista del Mar Elementary
  • Vista del Mar Middle
  • Wagon Wheel Elementary