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School Calendar + Updates
Posted 4/16/20

Dear CUSD Families,

Last night our Board of Trustees approved the school calendar that extends distance learning through June 4, 2020. 


During the discussion, it was acknowledged that each new day brings changes to our current COVID-19 challenges; however, based on state and local guidelines and restrictions in place at this moment, it appears unlikely at this time that we will reopen school campuses and classrooms. 


Depending on future updates from state and local agencies, and any changes to health agency guidelines and restrictions (from now until June 4), the Board may decide to reevaluate the calendar and options for distance or classroom learning. 


In addition to the evaluation of the school calendar, our Board of Trustees also discussed temporary grading policies that would be in place for the remainder of the school year. The temporary grading policy will return to the April 29, 2020 Board meeting.


We are grateful for all of you who tuned into the meeting last night and we sincerely appreciate those of you who took the time to share your feedback, comments, and questions with us during the public comment portions of the meeting. We identified a new system so that we could improve the livestream experience for our families and ensure that our community could participate virtually.


We experienced some technical difficulties during the closed session portion of the meeting which caused some delays and we appreciate your patience with this new process. 


Thank you,


Ryan Burris 
Chief Communications Officer