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Distance Learning Begins Tomorrow!
Posted 3/23/20

Dear CUSD Families,

Tomorrow, our young people -- all 47,000 of them -- will be attending school in a way we would never have imagined.  Distance learning to this magnitude is new to all of us!


Many of us are juggling our own work responsibilities with our new role as a homeschool parent or guardian.  Please be kind to yourselves and give yourself permission to do this in a way that works best for you and your family.


As a parent who has been involved in education for three decades, I thought I would share with you what my family has done to accommodate this new learning paradigm.


We created a routine and a schedule that allows balance for parents as well as students.  We have created a dedicated school space and we will allow for frequent breaks and quiet times to read, study, practice an instrument, or create artwork.


And like you, we check in with our teachers or site leader when we have questions or concerns. Most importantly, we know that we will all get through this together and that CUSD faculty and staff will do everything possible to support our students and families as we venture through these uncharted waters together. 


As we become familiar with this new routine, our faculty and staff are going to identify strategies and practices that have worked wonderfully. We will also identify areas to improve upon or perhaps even completely revise and start fresh. These are extraordinary times and, just like our students, we will all be “learning while doing.” Our teachers, staff, and administrators are here to assist and support you. 


Please reach out along the way and, until we can resume normal classes, please keep you and your family healthy.

Kirsten Vital 


P.S. We will continue to share great resources and information for you and your family on Our most recent updates can be found below:


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