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Energy, safety & Environment contact

Steve Matteson

Manager I, Energy, Safety and Environment

(949) 234-9585



Energy, Safety & Environment (ESE) Department

ESE Manager Services

    • The ESE Manager is the Energy Manager for CUSD
      • Duties include:
        • Perform energy audits
        • Manage and monitor district utilities
        • Recommend and manage energy management projects
      • Wildly Important Goal (WIG's)
        • Create and monitor district-wide baseline for energy consumption
        • Reduce Energy Kilowatt Usage by 5 percent at Proposition 39 locations
    • The ESE Manager assists the M&O Director in implementing Department and District safety programs
      • Respond to emergencies, vandalism and burglary
      • Act as liaison with police and fire, public health, EPA, and other public agencies
      • Assist with fire alarm and security projects
    • The ESE Manager takes the lead role and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns district-wide
      • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) 
      • Mold and IAQ Concerns
      • Lead (paint and drinking water)