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Site Improvement Project Request Page


  • Submit your request before you commit to a project. Contact Ted Norman, M&O Director with any questions. NEW Google Form links for 2020 - one request form routed to TIS and then M&O for Technology related projects and one request form for non-related technology forms. 

    • Four year average for all completed site improvement projects: 51* days to complete

      • *varies greatly by type of request, see SIPR data table

    • NOTE: Projects requiring the Construction Department for Public bidding, Architectural, ADA, DSA, Fire and Life Safety review, etc. could require a year to plan and include additional soft costs




      • To establish guidelines and procedures for projects which relate to school
        construction or site improvements or any physical plant modifications not
        accomplished by the District’s Support Services Division.

      • To eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings among members of the
        community and school support clubs/organizations who wish to provide donations through services or materials to enhance our schools.

    • Timelines (estimated completion - 150 days):

      • Initial review: 30 days

        • Each request submitted to M&O takes 30 days to review. Schedule site walks with M&O early in the planning stages.
          • In that review period a preliminary budget is provided to the site administrator for review.

      • Solicit hard quotes: 30 days

        • If the preliminary budget is approved, M&O will solicit hard bids from Board approved vendors and then those bids are provided for the site to review and approve.

      • Approvals and PR coordination: 10 days

        • Once approved, M&O coordinates the purchase requisition with the site, the Purchasing Department, the vendor and any other departments as needed.

      • Purchasing Department Coordination: 15-30 days

        • As these projects are site funded, they cannot be scheduled until the vendor has the PO in hand.

      • Project Completion: 5-20 days

        • Once the project is approved and scheduled, the actual work, depending on the scope, can take another week to four weeks. M&O coordinates the supervision of the project and provides updates along the way to the site as needed.  

      • Closeout: 30 days

        • Lastly, M&O inspects the work and assures any punch list items have been addressed, then approves the invoice for payment

Please contact Ted Norman, M&O Director with any questions at