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Work Order System

Work Order System

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Work Order System




The Maintenance, Operations and Construction Department's job is to support district sites.  The most efficient way services can be provided in a timely way is through utilization of M&O's automated work order system.


So what happens to all those work orders? This is the process:
  1. A work order is submitted to the Maintenance, Operations and Construction Department.
  2. The staff reviews the request, obtaining more complete information from the site, if needed.   Note:  If the work is an emergency, the site should call the  M.O.C office immediately, and then submit a work order, noting that M.O.C was called. 
  3. If approved, the work order is scheduled; if it is rejected, the reason is entered in the "Comments" section of the work order.
  4. The work is completed in priority order.


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