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Web Content Filtering

iBoss Web Filter

The purpose of iBoss, the District's web filter, is to better provide customized access to staff and students (by grade level). This includes the ability to provide a more robust YouTube experience with fewer restrictions on educational videos. Additionally, the filter provides increased security, improved performance, and a myriad of future growth options.


Troubleshooting and support line specifics can be found below:

Please be aware that you may experience pages being blocked that you previously had access to.

In the event that you do find you are blocked from a web page (or cloud-based Chromebook application), you will see a page similar to this –

Blocked web page

Should you find yourself unable to access a web page or application you previously had access to, please follow the below steps –

  • First, please click the button labeled “Login to Override” and provide your credentials.
  • Attempt to browse to the problem site a second time.
  • In the event that you continue to experience issues, please contact Tom Beales at (949) 234-5597, submit a RADAR Ticket, or fill out an Internet Filter Request Form (you may be asked to login to MyCUSD). Be sure to include the verbatim address of the site (e.g. or, the name of the application if applicable (e.g. Space Math Explorers), and the “Group Number” listed on the block page (see example above).

We will be actively monitoring access, logs, and the ticket system to whitelist sites and provide access as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your patience and assistance.

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